Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saturday Soccer/Back to school Bash

Saturday was the first day of fall soccer. Both Dana & Cody's team (the Purple Panthers), and Jeffrey's team (the Wild Cats) played at 9:00 am. So we were busy running from field to field to try and catch the action. The Panthers won their game 1-0. The Wildcats lost 2-1. Jeffrey scored the only goal for his team, and one of the goals for the winning team :( Oh well, at least he scored! The Back to school bash was a total blast. The kids had an awesome time in the moon bounce thing. It drizzled most of the day, so when it got too wet inside we would kick the kids out and go in and dry it off with some towels. It was fun. We also had some carnival games and the kids earned tickets to buy prizes with.

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