Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Geesh a lot can happen in five months. Sam is still with us. We are getting closer to his six month birthdate, and when we can have legal representation to fight for our parental rights if he were to be removed from our care by the placing agency. We have all grown so attached to him, it's hard to imagine what life would be like without him here. Since my last post we celebrated Christmas, three birthdays, and Easter. Jeffrey and Sam have had Chicken Pox, Sam had RSV, and got rotavirus from the vacciene. We have staretd spring soccer season, and Taylor is again on the middle school track team. We only have five and a half weeks left for this school year, and everyone has spring fever. We are currently building the mother of all jungle gyms in the back yard. it towers higher than our garage, and has two decks, a ginormous slide, and swings etc. There is a company located in KC which was having a close out on this particular model and had it marked at 50% off the normal price. Too good a deal to pass up. Hope everyone is doing well. More soon (I Hope!)

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